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03 March 2012 @ 01:46 am
Between IDA and catching "the ditz," I don't stand a chance!  
Life is going pretty well, I'd have to say.  Mike, my new boyfriend, is pretty awesome.  Even though he lives about an hour and a half driving distance from my house.  That's not a big problem since we talk every night.  I just hate that if I visit him on my weekdays off, I get REALLY sick.  When I visit him, I have horrible IBS spasms, one of which I tried to call in sick to work for.  My boss not only bitched me out for calling in, but she INSISTED I magically get well enough for work, even though I threw up my medicine.  I showed up, but I wasn't thrilled to be there.  I don't just call in to call in.  Hell, that was the first time in seven months I called and she STILL bitched me out.  I hear they are always like that when someone tries to call in.  Makes me not even want to call in.  

Don't get me wrong, I do like my job.  I don't like having to deal with stupid stuff like people not ordering stuff correctly, but that's just the hospital for you.  I think the main gripe I have right now is one of the new girls that was hired on.  Her name is Sarah and as far as I'm concerned, she's as competent as a brick.  She seems to always have something to gripe about and needs to be babied through everything.  It's almost like the other girls spend half their shift babying her.  One of them is trying to make her more competent, but Sarah just insists on being shown everything every time she has a question.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with asking for help, but I am saying there is a limit to how much help to ask for.  

I really hate chatting with her during down time.  She has nothing interesting to say and what she does say sounds stupid.  No matter what it is, she always sounds like a dumb ass.  One time, I was trying to talk about something going on with Anna (Mike's ex wife) up and moving to California with Hope (Mike's Daughter)  Honestly, I just wanted to vent a little bit, but Sarah dominates the conversation with some stupid shit about how her husband's family likes his ex girlfriend over her.  I have NO idea how that was even related, nor do I have any idea why it took her half of break to talk about it, but it was annoying. 

Sometimes, it feels like I'm becoming dumber when I see her too often.  Not even trying to be rude, but I SERIOUSLY work with some really ditsy girls in the lab.  One of the ditzes was nearly fired today because a test had to be put off for a day.  Basically, she didn't tell anyone to run kinetics in the back on a specimen in lab, nor did she draw the kinetics.  When I found out about it, I had to cancel the test because the drug was being given and we couldn't draw a trough and the nurse on duty didn't want to use blood from 4 AM for kinetics.  This was not her first time doing something like this.  I wrote an incidence report and put it on the lab director's desk for her to see first thing in the morning.  Her time has been reduced, and she will not work evening shift at all.  I feel bad for the girl because I like her, but she's a horrible phleb.

Honestly, between visiting/chatting with Mike, working, and recovering from an iron deficiency, I haven't had much time or energy for much.  I've been watching Urusei Yatsura when I get a chance.  I've been doing pretty well, even though I have so much to deal with at my job, but I'm learning and doing the best that I can.