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10 May 2012 @ 09:28 am
The problem with having vivid dreams is they are mostly vivid nightmares  

It all started with this beautiful array in the sky.  The sky was red and the moon kept crashing into another astrological body that looked like a bigger version of the moon.  I was sitting in my car, calling the groomer for some reason, and kept saying how I didn't want to drive the car during this terrible "weather"  (That's what I said in the dream, I don't know if this is really "Weather."  Honestly, I remember it feeling kind of humid and warm, but then again, this IS Louisiana.)   I convinced the groomer to change the appointment for two days later and hung up my phone.  I got out of the car and stood next to my parents and sister and asked what was happening.  

Someone answered me and explained that a new "moon" was trying to replace the old moon, but the old moon was fighting being replaced.  The battle kept raging on for the entire dream.  The rival moon knocked the old moon out of the sky at some point, but the old moon went right back to the sky.  In my dream, it was as if the astrological bodies were, for lack of better words, alive.  

Some logic kicked in and there were reports on the TV that said if the old moon was knocked out of the sky, the new one would not be able to take over, the Earth would fly off its axis and would start spinning in space.  The reports said if this happened, it was estimated that everything on Earth would die within a year.  

SOMEHOW (dream logic, go figure)  A mass panic and hysteria did not happen, which I found very strange.  I was feeling very apprehensive and scared.  My sister and her husband decided they were going to spend their time with their respective families and Miles went with Chris.  This made me feel very nervous because I thought that Mike would want to do the same, even though all I wanted was to be at the end of the world by his side. 

By the power of dreams and dream logic, he was there.  (Time jump?  Teleportation?  Just plain ol' "dream logic"?  Who knows)   When he showed up, the sky was still red and the moons were still crashing.  At this point, they were crashing very loudly and the sky was starting to turn black and the wind was blowing.   I shouted (only because it was so loud) at Mike if he would stay by my side until the world ended.  He yelled back that he didn't understand.  I asked again.  His expression was blank as if he wasn't thinking about anything.  I started to become very sad and almost started crying until I realized that I had no idea how he would answer that question.  When I looked back, he was gone and I was startled awake.

I know that there is no way in Hell any of this could ever happen.  It was very scary though how real it all seemed to me and I wanted to call Mike and tell him about it, but it was 6:30 AM and I know he never gets up that early except to drive Hope to school.  Plus, 6:30 is WAY to early for me to be awake too.  

Yeah, I went back to sleep, woke up around 8:30 and I'm feeling tired again.  BACK TO SLEEP.  Yes, I know my sleep schedule is messed up.  It will be more normal when I have more consistent hours (i.e. never)