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17 January 2012 @ 01:23 am
I'm not sure but  
I think I'm falling in love again.  Not the fake "I'm fooling myself into thinking you're in love so you don't feel like a whore when you sleep with them," but the "I really don't care either way if I have any kind of physical relations with this guy, just as long as he keeps treating me the way he does, I will follow him to the ends of the Earth."  He gives me the feeling of wanting to better myself.  Not bettering myself to impress him, but to better myself so that I don't have to try to impress him later on because he will have never failed to be impressed by me.  I don't mean this in just the physical sense (even though I am working on that!) but I meant that on the emotional and mental front too.  This feeling is exciting and terrifying at the same time.  I hope the fear goes away though.